Sign the Petition Against Demolition

The stakes have never been higher.

A few weeks ago at City Council, a small group of wealthy neighbors presented a paid-for proposal for demolition of Harley Clarke. That's right, a handful of neighbors would rather pay to destroy a local landmark than protect public access to a city treasure. After their proposal, Ald. Rainey (8th Ward) proposed the Council consider demolition at the June 18th meeting.

Tell City Council to choose democracy over demolition and click your ward below to sign the petition (after you follow the link, please be sure to check all the boxes beneath where you enter your name). And make plans to attend the June 18th City Council meeting.

First Ward, Judy Fiske

Second Ward, Peter Braithwaite

Third Ward, Melissa Wynne

Fourth Ward, Don Wilson

Fifth Ward, Robin Rue Simmons

Sixth Ward, Tom Suffredin

Seventh Ward, Eleanor Revelle

Eighth Ward, Ann Rainey

Ninth Ward, Cicely Fleming