Let's transform Harley Clarke into Evanston's
community lakehouse.

Coach house café

The what.

Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens will repurpose the Harley Clarke estate and Jens Jensen gardens into Evanston's public lakehouse. Imagine a place to connect and celebrate community through educational and recreational programming. Imagine a world-class setting for inspiring gatherings and events. That's what.


The why.

The Harley Clarke house and surrounding Jens Jensen gardens are the keystone of the four-part lakefront complex, which includes Noah’s Playground for Everyone, Lighthouse Beach, and the Grosse Point Lighthouse. This makes it an ideal location for cultural tourism in a model that has proven successful across the country and around the world. Evanston has an opportunity to embrace one of the crowning jewels of public lakefront property. That's why.


The how.

We need your support! Through a $150,000 grassroots fundraising campaign we will raise enough to hire a professional fundraiser. From there, we'll develop the funds necessary to repurpose the house and gardens into a world-class community destination. That's how. So get involved today and help us #OpenHarley and transform this lakefront treasure into Evanston's own community lakehouse.




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